Use AI
to get answers
from your data
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The AI Data Platform for non-techies to Unify, Analyse & Visualize all business data in one platform. Go from plain english to visual results in seconds.

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Harness the power of data using AI,
All without code.

We're working towards a world where everyone is empowered to harness data. We're doing that by turning code from a privilege to an accessible commodity.

Just like Canva has democratised design, without having to hire a full creative team. Cubode is democratising the harnessing of data, without having to hire a team of coders, using AI.

Cubode makes the extraction, processing and analysing of data simple and effortless, truly democratising the use of data, no matter the size of the organisation.


Unlock your data using AI to no-code

Cubode makes accessing and analysing your data easy. No technical expertise needed.

Connect and unify your data sources such as Google Analytics, Shopify, MixPannel, ChartMogul, Google Drive, SQL Databases... to build and automate data workflows to track metrics that push your business forward.



Cubode's canvas is a revolutionary tool that simplifies complex problem-solving for those without a technical background. Simply ask your question in plain English, and Cubode will translate it into clear, graphical solutions. This user-friendly approach allows you to easily understand, modify, and improve your ideas. With Cubode, the power of advanced solution-finding is made accessible and approachable, inviting you to explore and iterate your projects through an intuitive, visually-guided experience. Whether you're new to technical concepts or just prefer a more straightforward method, Cubode is your gateway to effortlessly navigating and creating effective solutions.

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Templates for your needs

Create From Examples

Explore the library of pre-built data workflow templates designed to help you get started faster. Cubode makes it easy to drag, drop and use customisable templates instantly. Templates also help with the blank canvas problem, don’t know what to do with your data? Cubode’s templates have you covered.

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Create with Easy Drag-and-Drop, No Tech Skills Required

Data Analytics Made Easy

Cubode’s canvas is an easy-to-use environment for creation. You can connect data sources and build data workflows using a graphical drag and drop interface. The blocks, which we call Cubes, each represent an action applied to the data. The cubes can be customised to your desired settings using drop-down menus, and you can then instantly see your results on the canvas.

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For the advanced users Automatic Code Generation & Browser Execution

Transparent, generate code of your solution for your tech team

Save time and effort with Cubode's streamlined workflow. Generate professional code with just one click, allowing you to focus on what matters most - bringing your ideas to life To grow your business. Code is no longer a barrier.

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How it Works

Connect, Customize & Visualize

Connect your data, customise workflows and live create dashboards that track your business's success. All without code.

Load Your Data

Load your csv or Excel Files or connect to your applications such as Shopify, Google Analytics or MySQL databases.

Drag, Drop & Connect

Connect the cubes to build your own workflow easily.

Customize With Drop Down Menus

Easily select options from the drop-down menus in each cube to customize your work.

Visualize & Deploy

Create dashbaords which can be shared via its own webpage within your team or with your clients.

Create Products, Not Code

Create full data workflows without needing code.

Run It On Your Own Browser

Execute the produced code directly on the browser to build Like Any professional coder would.

Plans & Pricing

Tailored For Everyone

Cubode Free

(coming soon)

For anyone to start analysing their data on their own or with friends. No coding experience required.

Cubode Pro

(coming soon)

For individuals, solopreneurs and small teams who want unlimited access to premium features to connect and build data analytical workflows and share the results at scale.

Cubode for Teams

All the features of Cubode Pro, plus optimised for large teams and team roles. Connect and get collaborative access to databases and collaborate on projects across large teams.

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Cubode's Community

Hear What Our
Users Say About Cubode


Account Manager


Before using Cubode, I had absolutely no knowledge of how to read data or use it in any way. Cubode is a highly user friendly tool with step by step instructions which make it simple to extract insights from your data. We had a whole load of data which we found confusing and didn’t know how to make use of, but we were able to use Cubode’s pre-built templates to get value from our data to make decisions to drive our business forward.


Intelligence Consultant

Similar Web

As a beginner in data science, I found my sanctuary in Cubode. It all started with a click on a TikTok invite, which led me to a platform where coding was no longer a barrier to creation. Cubode provided a visual haven where ideas could be easily transformed into projects. The pre-built templates gave me a starting point, allowing me to navigate projects with direction and a sense of accomplishment. It simplified complex tasks and made data visualization engaging and intuitive. What stood out was Cubode's philosophy of 'building instead of studying syntax', making coding an ally rather than an enemy. This approach accelerated my learning and boosted my confidence with each project.


Data Scientist


As a data scientist, I've explored various tools, but Cubode truly stands out. It simplifies complex data analysis for everyone. The drag-and-drop interface makes creating advanced analytics effortless. It also has the ability to generate Python code quietly in the background.
This code can be seamlessly used elsewhere, saving valuable time.


Creative Designer


Prior to using Cubode I had zero knowledge of data and the ways it could be utilised. In 1 day Cubode helped me analyse and understand our data as a business. From a non-coding background, I was able to analyse data and use machine learning (in our case a linear regressor) to predict carbon emissions of our fleet vehicles and the impact they have on the environment. Further enabling us to make more environmentally friendly decisions. This is something that will have a huge impact for us as a business as our primary mission is to reduce our overall carbon footprint.


SAP Consultant


Cubode allows me to go the next step with my data. I found many interesting plots and learnt how to do data science in an automatic way without coding.
I even started learning python by example with the code execution, it makes it much easier for me as I see what it means beforehand.




Cubode is a user-friendly, versatile and adaptive platform for data based application scenarios. It's become a vital tool in my toolbox for quick prototyping of ML models and creating aesthetically engaging data analysis workflows. It has allowed me to automate my analysis processes dramatically, allowing me to focus on making decisions create value rather than repetitive analytical processes. I would really like to see repository-based for ML experts and access to more datasets for future development.

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